cdingle66 via Houzz

I worked with Ron as the designer. He is skilled, experienced and a great listener. The knowledge and hints that come from the experience were wonderful and the result was even better than expectation. Troy was the scheduler and everything ran perfectly on his schedule. Kevin, the Dr. of wood was 1 installer and did absolute magic- restoring some details like they never existed. Clair the other installer taught me the meaning of “noodle” the verb. When I would confront him with a challenge you could see him perform the action of “noodling” and bang there was the solution. They were fast efficient and so clean that I could not tell anyone had been here. It was like the island and other additions just grew there overnight. The value was indeed very good for the outstanding results. I will use these services in the future and would highly recommend them as a great potential partner to those looking for special results that are based upon your dreams and turned to reality.