Custom Kitchen Remodeling

We do custom kitchen remodeling in Harrisburg, PA and the surrounding region, including Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg, Hershey, Lebanon, York, Lancaster, Carlisle, and Reading (see entire service area)

What do you wish your kitchen looked like? What new features would make your kitchen more useful?

Maybe your kitchen has an outdated style. Maybe it’s just not as practical as you’d like.

Your dream can be a reality. That’s where we come in.

Here at RM Kitchens, we work diligently to make the entire process of remodeling your kitchen (from the very first meeting until final completion) a stress-free, enjoyable, and rewarding experience. We work hard to merit the trust and confidence you place in us!

Custom Kitchen Remodeling Experts In Central PA

As our name implies, RM Kitchens, Inc. is a kitchen remodeling company, specializing in providing the best in custom kitchen renovation, design, and construction services.

As a custom kitchen cabinet maker, we know cabinets and help you make sure your space stand out while allowing you to individualize your kitchen with custom cabinetry. From interesting panel styles that fit the design in your home, to carefully crafted finishes, our custom designed and hand crafted cabinets can bring an instant lift to any space.

Besides making cabinets, RM Kitchens, Inc. is a fully licensed building contractor (PA Contractor #5470). We provide a full range of services and will work with you to design, build and install your dream kitchen (we can also remodel any room in your house). We know how important a remodel or custom home project is to our customers, and we work hard to make sure we deliver a high-quality, low-stress experience for our customers. Our team will manage the complete remodeling process, including managing all sub-contractors hired and ordering materials.

Recent Kitchen Remodel Projects

Our Remodeling Process

Design & Plan

The completion of a successful remodeling project is achieved through careful planning and attention to details

Our team of professional designers has extensive experience in creating your dream space and then managing the complex processes. Typically, this begins with a meeting in our showroom. While the showroom is open for you to browse, we also recommend calling to schedule an appointment. This way we can walk you through the showroom and answer your questions.


On-site Evaluation

After the preliminary meeting in our showroom, a site evaluation meeting is scheduled.

At this time, measurements are taken and information is gathered, which is needed for the initial design phase. With this information, the designer will develop plan view drawings and then share their vision for your space. These early stage plans will both lead to discussions and decisions, and will also help generate your cost estimate to be presented and analyzed. All of this is done to assure the design phase moves in the best direction for the homeowner.

Build & Installation

At this juncture, in order to proceed, a 3% retainer is required.

All the initial services are provided without cost to present accurate information for informed decisions. At this time, the designer will create detailed drawings, giving a visual description of the project, and the product samples are produced to your design specifications. The collection of materials begins and decisions are made all with your designer’s guidance.

Full-Service Contractor — our number will be the only one you need

RM Kitchens proudly offers expert design and custom cabinetry for every room in your home. We can manage every aspect of an existing home remodel, or participate in a new home build. We offer a general contractor approach, and will handle every detail of your project, our phone number is the only one you will need at any point of your project.

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Remodeling Services for Any Room of Your Home

RM Kitchens, with your cabinetry project, will use the same detailed process above to remodel any room of your home, including creating outdoor living spaces!

Traditional patio with fireplace

We’re ready to design the space of your dreams!

No matter which room in your house you are looking to remodel or build, we can help you create the right combination of form, fit and function. RM Kitchens has been designing and installing custom kitchens, bathrooms and other remodel projects since 1968 and has built a reputation for high-quality and excellent customer service. When you use us for your home remodeling project or for installing custom cabinetry in your new home, the renovation will go as smoothly as possible and the high-quality model we have built our business on will be transferred over to your home.

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How To Get Started.


Meet & Brainstorm

Contact RM Kitchens and speak with a designer. Schedule an in-person or virtual consultation appointment to discuss what you are looking to do, and how we can help.

Call Us at
(717) 867-5000 or


Measure & Design

Your designer will then meet you at the job site to gather information and take measurements, to begin creating your design.


Build & Enjoy

Meet again when the preliminary design and estimated cost sheet is finished. When all of the decisions have been made, and the design is finalized, you will be given an exact quote for the project.

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Custom Remodeling Services:
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RM Kitchens Custom Cabinet Showroom in Lebanon County

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers. We understand the remodeling process may be overwhelming but working with RM Kitchens is easy. With over 50 years of experience, RM Kitchens is well equipped to help you create your vision, generate the design, and manufacture your own custom cabinetry.

What do we do first, how do we start?

We feel the best start you can have in beginning your project is to come to our showroom to see some of the possibilities of design, styles and great ideas that you may incorporate into your new project. It also gives you the chance to meet some of our team who will be part of the process of making your dream space a reality. From there you can make a second appointment to have one of our designers out to your home if it’s a remodel to see your room space and get first-hand information about the design elements you want to have incorporated in your new design. If It is is a new home construction the second meeting is typically here at our showroom to cover plans and details you want to be incorporated into the design. This can include any or all of the following; remodeling, cabinetry style, details, colors, and wood species. Also hardware, flooring, wall tile, painting, mechanical, lighting, plumbing, appliance recommendations, and accessories. Once we get to the third appointment we typically have most of the design elements in place in drawings and some elevations to allow us to generate an accurate proposal with all the aspects of your new project in including the cost projection for the various products you have selected.

How long will this project take?

The answer will be based on the size and complexity of the project, but typically the entire project, from designs and selections to finished rooms, is about six weeks.

Do you handle the whole project, or do we need to hire other trades people?

We handle the entire project from start to finish; and have electricians, plumbers, floor refinishers, painters, appliance companies, tile installers and countertop installers that we have worked with for years. However, if you have a person or company you are already familiar with or would like to use, we would be happy to discuss that option. Our success depends on our team, and we feel we have an excellent team of tradespeople we trust to complete any and every project.

How much will this project cost us?

Our designers like to answer this question by saying “it will be the same price as a car.” A car has many price points, all depending on what you like, what you need, and your overall style and the same goes for a remodel or new home project. Questions to ask yourself in the beginning of the process would be: What are we willing to invest in our home? What level of quality are we looking for? What would be our dream for this space? Our creative and well-educated designers can guide you to not only in designing the project but working within your price parameters to get the most return on investment for every dollar spent in your home.

What is your payment schedule?

Through the discussion and design process, we hope we have won your confidence to be the team you chose to move forward with doing your project. We ask for a 3% retainer deposit of the projected cost that is then deducted from the contract price. This allows us to move into the final drawings of elevations and refine final selections to come to a contract and agreement. Upon signing the final agreement, we ask for a 50% deposit (less the retainer) and from that point we can start the ordering process to begin the fabrication of your new cabinetry, and lay out a timeline of events starting with the initial removal / room remodel through the final hookup and completion so that you know what to expect during the process, and also know the completion date we are working towards. Upon the delivery of your new cabinetry, we ask for a 30% deposit, with the last 20% of the contract amount to be due upon the completion of your new beautiful space.

What is the free consultation?

The completion of a successful kitchen remodeling project is achieved through careful planning and attention to details; starting with the very first meeting. Our team of professional designers have extensive experience in designing and managing complex projects. The process we use to accomplish this guides you through the endless options you have, from beginning to end, so that you get exactly what you want. Typically, this method begins with a meeting in our showroom in Lebanon County, PA for a comprehensive discussion of the project. While we welcome all to stop by our showroom at any time, we recommend a scheduled appointment for this initial conference. There are important items to address and our designers will ask the right questions to get the design phase started off right. There is no fee for this consultation meeting.

How do you develop the first design draft?

After the preliminary meeting in our showroom, a site evaluation meeting is scheduled. At this meeting, information is gathered which is needed for the initial phase of designing. With this information, the designer will develop Plan View drawings. The designer’s vision for the space can be explained from these drawings and they will generate discussions which lead to decisions. This early stage plan also provides the data for a preliminary cost estimate to be presented and analyzed. All of this is done to assure the designing phase moves in the best direction. This part of the program is also offered without a fee, except when the location is an extended distance from our workshop.

Are we able to review plans or prototypes?

In order to move forward, at this juncture, a design retainer is required. All of the initial services have been provided without cost in an effort to present accurate information for informed decisions. The retainer amount is accessed based on the complexity and scope of the project, but is typically 3% of the estimated project cost. This initial deposit is returned when a contract is signed. At that time, the designer will create detailed drawings, giving a visual description of the project. At the same time, product samples are produced and the specification and collection of materials begins, with your designer’s guidance. One unique service we can provide is the design and development of one-of-a-kind Spring Hill Custom Cabinets. We often create cabinets, door styles, and cabinet finishes specifically designed and manufactured to meet a client’s particular requests. Per customer request, individual features are researched to accurately craft and evoke a specific time period or detail. You design it, we build it. This is what we mean when we say that our custom kitchen cabinets are “Crafted by Design”.


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