Will Changing Temperatures Affect Your New Cabinets?

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A new set of wooden kitchen cabinets should last for years, but optimally, they should be kept in a wood-friendly environment. Wood may seem sturdy and durable, but it is also more vulnerable to changes in temperature and humidity than you might realize. While your new cabinetry won’t be destroyed by the regular temperature changes that occur throughout the year, you should still check your thermostat to make sure that things don’t get too cold or too hot for your cabinets.

Temperature and Wooden Cabinets

Generally speaking, the temperature in your home won’t change more than a few degrees throughout the year. Your HVAC system should obviously keep your home warm in the winter and cool during the summer. For the most part, you shouldn’t have too many extreme temperature changes. This consistency is a good thing because drastic temperature changes can cause problems for wooden structures. Like just about everything else, wood expands in heat and contracts in the cold. Having your wooden cabinets go from being incredibly hot to bitterly cold in a short amount of time could cause them to crack due to stress. You might think that this is an unlikely scenario. But, it could happen if your furnace were to go out in the middle of a frigid winter day.

To keep your wooden cabinets and other wood furniture in good working condition, try to keep your thermostat at a steady temperature. If you’re going to turn the temperature up or down, do so gradually. This way you don’t put too much stress on your wood.

Humidity and Wood

Extreme temperature changes can cause a lot of problems for your new cabinetry. However, it is nothing compared to what humidity changes can do. Overall, you should keep the humidity in your home between 40 and 50 percent if you want your cabinets to stay in good shape.

Anything higher than that might cause the wood to swell, which can damage the joints of your cabinets. Anything lower will dry out the wood, which can cause cracks to form elsewhere. Wood expands as humidity increases and shrinks as humidity decreases. This is why it is important to ensure you have a controlled temperature. It will ensure you comfort and the stability and life of your custom wood cabinetry.

The humidity can change drastically in a kitchen as you do things such as boil water or turn up your oven, so make sure your HVAC system humidifier is in good working condition if you’ve recently had new cabinets installed.