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What Type of Kitchen Island is Best for Your Kitchen?

Kitchen Island and Cabinets

Anticipation – isn’t it half the fun? Whether you’re building a new house or renovating your current space, much pleasure can be derived from discovering little design nuggets and molding them to your own vision. So many ideas exist for new kitchens and the popular kitchen island. You can create the perfect one for your…

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How to Organize a Kitchen Remodel with Minimal Stress

Decluttered Kitchen

The bathroom and kitchen are two rooms in the house most people believe must be functioning in order to live in a home. But you can remodel your kitchen while you still live there, and it doesn’t have to be the nightly take-out nightmare you might imagine. It just takes a little organization and planning.…

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Unforgettable Ideas for White Kitchen Cabinets

Traditional design with white kitchen cabinets

The bright expansiveness of white kitchen cabinets can be the backdrop for a kitchen as individual as you and your family. By installing white kitchen cabinets, you are creating a versatile space that can be as elegant as you desire or as down-home and warm as you like. A white kitchen will become unforgettable when you…

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Declutter Your Kitchen – 19 Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen Storage Example Idea

The kitchen is a room you use every day for preparing meals, so you don’t want to find yourself searching for ingredients or cookware at the last minute. The best way to avoid frustration is to create an organizational system for your kitchen. Use the following kitchen storage and organization tips to clear the clutter and…

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Will Changing Temperatures & Humidity Affect Your Wood Cabinets?

How Temperature & Humidity Affect Wood Cabinets

A new set of solid wood cabinets should last for years, but optimally, they should be kept in a wood-friendly environment. Wood may seem sturdy and durable, but it is also more vulnerable to changes in temperature and humidity than you might realize. Learn About: Temperature and Wood Cabinets Humidity and Wood Cabinets Temperature &…

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What Should be Included in Any Basement Kitchen


Adding a kitchen to your basement can be an exciting investment. Not only is it a great selling point if you choose to sell in future, this can be a great place for entertaining and hosting. Movie nights, parties, and the ability to create a separate apartment downstairs are just a few added benefits to…

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