What Type of Kitchen Island is Best for Your Kitchen?

Fixed Kitchen Island in an Old World Style Kitchen

Anticipation  – isn’t it half the fun? Whether you’re building a new house or renovating your current space, much pleasure can be derived from discovering little design nuggets and molding them to your own vision. So many ideas exist for new kitchens and the popular kitchen island that you can create one perfect for your lifestyle.

The Right Kitchen Island For You

If you’re remodeling a kitchen, you have fewer options for a kitchen island than if you are choosing a new floor plan. Most homes or kitchens being built include an island because they increase storage and counter area to make your kitchen more functional.

Once you’ve determined how much space is available, you can consider your following options:

  1. Utility Table
  2. Kitchen Cart
  3. Kitchen Island

If space is tight, you can increase your food-preparation area with a utility table or a kitchen cart.

A well-chosen utility “table” will add personality to your kitchen. An antique table, a family heirloom, or a chest of drawers can morph into a unique “kitchen island” with the addition of a countertop. Any appealing piece of furniture can be used.

A double-or triple-tiered table or bookcase offers the advantage of additional display space and basket storage for apples, potatoes and other foods you don’t refrigerate. A chest of drawers provides storage and additional counter space.

Many people love the versatility of a kitchen cart and its movable workspace. You can pull it into the best position when you’re preparing a meal, then push it out of the way when you’re done. Carts can also double as a buffet when you have visitors or rolled outdoors when you’re grilling.

If you have plenty of space, building a kitchen island is ideal as it not only enhances your efficiency but increases the value of your home.

How Will You Use A Kitchen Island?

Let’s first discuss how you will use your kitchen island. Do you need more storage space? Would it be handy to have a cooktop, oven or microwave built into a kitchen island? How about a sink? Will you use the island as a gathering area for family and friends while you prepare food?

Take a few minutes with your eyes closed to think about how you work and move about your kitchen. What is natural for you?

Shaping Your Kitchen Island

To some extent, the size of your kitchen will determine the best shape for your island.

  1. Galley – This simple, sleek design adds storage, extra seating, and food preparation area while requiring the least amount of space. It is also convenient for traffic flow.
  2. L-shape – You achieve more cabinet, counter and seating area with an L-shaped kitchen island, but it requires more space and might impede movement. It is especially suitable for a cooktop or oven.
  3. U-Shape  – While a U-shaped kitchen island is wonderful when a home has more than one cook, it also requires more space than many kitchens have and might hinder traffic flow. A U-shaped island practically begs for a prep sink and is a fantastic place for an additional cooktop. Of course, running plumbing and electricity to a kitchen island will increase its cost. For a better understanding of that extra cost, spread the amount over the projected lifetime of the house and weigh it against the increased function of your kitchen and the added value to your home.
  4. Circle or Half-Moon  – You are getting into some serious space requirements when you envision a circular or even half-moon kitchen island for your home. However, it’s an excellent choice if you have an open floor plan, more than one cook in the household, and friends and family who like to gather at meal time.

When designing your dream kitchen island, be sure to include lazy susans, custom cabinets, and pull-out shelving to utilize the corners most efficiently.

Color Your Kitchen Island Pretty

While we love white kitchen cabinets for their wonderful light and energy, we also love their versatility. Naturally, that extends to the color of your kitchen island. Will you choose the same cabinetry as the rest of your kitchen? If not white, what?

It is trendy for kitchen islands to provide a splash of color. Because it is small, a kitchen island is easy to repaint anytime you want a different ambiance.

Popular colors include:

  1. Shaker Kitchen Palmyra PABlack – In a kitchen with white cabinets, this universal neutral becomes bold while allowing you to change rugs and linens for an easy new color scheme whenever the mood strikes.
  2. Gray – Probably the trendiest neutral, gray comes in many hues. You can choose from barely there to a deep, almost black, shade. Gray is easy to update as your taste and the seasons change.
  3. Navy – Also a classic, navy is a great choice for a kitchen island. It’s a natural for nautical, beach, aquatic and Americana themes.
  4. Green – Bring the outdoors in with a green kitchen island. The bright yellow greens of spring, the richness of a forest canopy, or other verdant shades can create either excitement or peace and serenity in your kitchen.
  5. Bright – A dash of orange, a splash of turquoise, red or any favorite color applied to a kitchen island can enliven the entire room.
  6. Wood – Natural wood tones work as neutrals in your home. Using the same wood and finish on your kitchen island as those in your dining furniture produces a harmonious feel.

As you explore your options for a perfect kitchen island, envision your routine and your frustrations with your current set-up. Imagine a kitchen island ideally suited to YOU, then bring your ideas to the designers at RM Kitchens. Let’s create your unique kitchen island together.

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