Spring Cleaning: How to Properly Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets

When spring’s sunbeams light your home, you can see every mote of dust that has settled on your beautiful custom cabinets over the winter. Naturally, you want your home to be fresh and sparkly to welcome family and friends. The time for kitchen spring cleaning has arrived.

We realize the thought of kitchen spring cleaning may be a bit intimidating, but we don’t want you to feel overwhelmed about how to care for your beautiful custom cabinetry. Use our mantra – “just one cabinet at a time; just one cabinet at a time” – and the following suggestions to succeed in your kitchen spring cleaning.

Gathering The Tools For Kitchen Spring Cleaning

Any project is easier with the proper tools and a little planning. Let’s look at what you’ll want to have on hand before tackling that first cabinet in your kitchen spring cleaning.

  • Long-handled feather duster and/or cloth-covered broom. A microfiber cloth or old t-shirt or pillowcase is ideal as neither leaves lint as towels will. You need something with a long handle in order to get into every corner and crevice for your kitchen spring cleaning.
  • Sturdy stool or step ladder. Please, consider your safety. You are too valuable to your home and family to balance precariously while climbing headfirst into deep cabinets. It takes only a fraction of a second for a misstep or wobble when your concentration is on your work and not your feet. Take care of yourself so you and everyone around you can enjoy the beauty and fun of the coming seasons.
  • Non-abrasive wood cleanser that doesn’t contain alcohol. Cleaners with alcohol will dry and damage the wood of your custom cabinets.
  • Gentle degreaser. Greasy fumes settle on your stove and the cabinet area above, as well as on knobs and door trims. You’ll need something gentle to remove the grease without damaging your cabinets.
  • Shelf liner – paper or plastic. Purchase a bit extra to allow for a learning curve. Use “mistakes” on the top shelves. Your guests will never see them, and you won’t be reminded every time you open the cabinet.
  • Any inside cabinet accessories and organizers you plan to add (optional). There are many space-enhancing organizers available for cabinets and drawers. You will enjoy discovering new ideas and new products. Decide if any will make your space more efficient. While everything is pulled out of the cabinets for your kitchen spring cleaning is the perfect time to install new accessories.
  • Vacuum cleaner and attachments (optional).

As you gather the tools for your kitchen spring cleaning, consider whether your cookware, dishes, and silverware are located to the best advantage. Can you save steps by switching things around? Is there something you find yourself stretching or squatting to reach on a daily basis? Is the glassware in the handiest place? Ditto for plates, silverware?

Re-consider the best layout for your work pattern. If you have been thinking there’s a better way to do things, now is the perfect time to figure out how and use your kitchen spring cleaning to also re-arrange or even remodel your kitchen.

Before You Open That First Cabinet To Begin Kitchen Spring Cleaning

We often hear the term “baby steps.” That’s because breaking any job down into easy parts makes it more likely we will actually begin –  or finish.

The initial step for kitchen spring cleaning is simple – wash and put away all dishes.

In order to have room to work and move around, you need the countertops to be clear. The dining table is an ideal “holding area” for your counter appliances, decorations etc. as the table provides a nearby, large, flat, out-of-the-way space. Protect the table top with padding before placing anything on it.

Tackling Cabinets & Drawers For A Kitchen Spring Cleaning

Once you have a clear work area, take a duster or broom wrapped in a soft cloth and dust your entire kitchen, focusing on the cabinet exteriors but including the corners and hard-to-reach areas. You want the cabinets as dust-free as possible before you add liquid.

Now, you’re ready for the deep cleaning portion of kitchen spring cleaning. Here are 6 more steps to help you get the job done right. Remember, just one cabinet at a time.

  • Now, you’re ready for the deep cleaning portion of kitchen spring cleaning. Here are 6 more steps to help you get the job done right. Remember, just one cabinet at a time.
    1. As you remove items from a cabinet or drawer, decide whether each remains useful. Discard worn or stained dishcloths, placemats and other items that are past their prime – especially those plastic storage containers. If you don’t have a matching bowl and lid, toss the odd item. It is rare-to-never that missing items ever re-appear.
    2. If you haven’t used an item since the last time you cleaned the cabinets, consider putting it aside for a yard sale or to be donated to a local thrift store.
    3. A vacuum cleaner’s attachments are a great way to clean out the corners and remove most of the dust before you wash the interiors of your custom cabinets.
    4. Cleaning your appliances will take extra time as you want to be sure they’re especially sanitary. White vinegar in warm soapy water is a wonderfully inexpensive sanitizer and cleaner.
    5. You can save on drying time by wiping your washed cabinets with dry cloths so they are ready more quickly for the liners and installation of organizers.
    6. After you’ve cleaned and re-filled all the storage areas, it’s time to scrub the countertops and cabinets shine, add wood polish to a soft cloth and wipe the exteriors.

Basking in the sunshine as you admire a job well done is wonderfully satisfying. Your gleaming custom cabinets will be a cause to celebrate springtime and your success with kitchen spring cleaning.

If your kitchen cabinets themselves are showing their age, springtime is also a perfect time to consider renovating your kitchen. Contact us and let’s discuss filling your kitchen with the finest Spring Hill custom cabinetry.

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